Navex Rally Description

A rally consists of two people in a car, one driving and the other interpreting a set of written instructions(navigator). The instructions tell you where to go and how fast to go. When you encounter checkpoints along the way, you must be on time to the minute. A penalty is assessed for being early or late. It is not a race. Driving faster than the given speed results in penalty points. The winner in this type of rally is the team with the lowest number of penalty points accumulated.

The emphasis in Navex rallying is on the navigator who must interpret the instructions which may be given in a variety of ways. The instructions may be out of order, by means of diagrams, pictures, or puzzles which require solving. The organizer will determine the difficulty with the degree of complexity of instructions. All of our club rallies are organized so that the first time entrant can compete. Club rallies usually have a rally school at registration. No special preparation is required and the only equipment needed is a pen, paper, and simple calculator.

Regional rallies are more complex for the navigator and more challenging for the driver. They are the next step after a team has experienced a few club events.

A stage rally is a speed event run on closed roads (stages) and open roads (transit sections). The winner of a stage is the vehicle with the lowest elapsed time. This year, there is a national stage rally series, however, no events are organized in the Atlantic region.

MMSC Rally Handbook: http://www.mmsc.ca/MMSC_RallyHandbook.pdf