An Autoslalom (aka Solo II) event is a course set out in a parking lot using pylons, upon which cars compete, one at a time, for the quickest time. The course is set out so that driver skill is the objective and not speed. The cars are divided into classes so that similar cars compete together.

Each course is different and is planned by the event organizer. The organizer sets out a course that any type of car can compete on. The straights are short so that high speed is not the objective and the turns are wide enough for any vehicle to get around them. Most entrants in this type of event will compete using their family vehicles with no special preparation. Autoslalom is an excellent entry level event. Time Attack (aka Solo I) is a higher speed event run on a longer course, such as Atlantic Motorsport Park.

MMSC also organizes and its members compete in Atlantic region caliber events. These events count toward the A.R.M.S. Regional Autoslalom Championships. Competition at this level can be quite intense and most competitors will enter vehicles with some degree of preparation such as, R-rated DOT tires, adjustable shocks, additional sway bars, and stiffer, or lower springs.

MMSC’s premier event is Slalom@Slemon which is a 3-day event held at the Slemon Park Airport in Summerside, PEI.  It features a Test & Tune on Friday and a regional autoslalom event on Saturday and Sunday.  It has also been the site of the national championships in 2002, 2008 and 2014.