2022 MMSC Autoslalom Series

The competition season is almost here! MMSC has a full season planned for 2022!

The season starts with a Autoslalom school and Test&Tune. Interested in trying autoslalom? Want to learn more about the sport and or driving? Need some extra seat time or need to test the modifications you did to your ride over the winter? This is the event for you! Come out and give it a try!

There are 11 points events. 9 of 11 events will count towards the MMSC Autoslalom Championships. More information about the club championship can be found here:



School/Test&Tune: Sunday, May 15 (Moncton Coliseum)
#1: Sunday, May 29 (Moncton Coliseum)
#2: Wednesday, June 8 (Moncton Coliseum)
#3: Wednesday, June 15 (Moncton Coliseum)
#4: Sunday, June 26 (Moncton Coliseum)
#5: Sunday, July 10 (Moncton Coliseum)
Test&Tune: Friday, July 29 (Slemon Park)
#6: Saturday, July 30 (Slemon Park)
#7: Sunday, July 31 (Slemon Park)
#8: Sunday, August 14 (Moncton Coliseum)
#9: Sunday, August 28 (Moncton Coliseum)
#10: Sunday, September 4 (Moncton Coliseum)
#11: Sunday, September 25 (Moncton Coliseum)
#2 (rescheduled): October 16 (Moncton Coliseum)

Event Officials:
Organizer: Ming Wong / Graham McCrea
Registrar: Darrell Tower / Shawn Gayton
Timing and Scoring: Ray Bastille / Ming Wong
Scrutineer: Josh Johnson / Dave Armstrong

Additional Details for Moncton Coliseum Events:

Entry Fee: $40/competitor. Competitors must be an active member of an affiliated club.

Registration: Register online at http://www.mmsc.ca/autoslalom/solosport-on-line-entry-form/

Sunday Schedule:
8:00am – Setup
9:30am – Registration/Tech Opens
10:30am – Newbie Driver’s Meeting
10:45am – Newbie Course Walk/Drives
12:00pm – Driver’s Meeting
12:15pm – First Car on Course
4:00pm – End of Runs/Cleanup

Wednesday Schedule:
3:00pm – Setup
5:00pm – Registration/Tech Opens
5:10am – Newbie Driver’s Meeting
5:25am – Newbie Course Walk
6:00pm – Driver’s Meeting
6:15pm – First Car on Course
9:00pm – End of Runs/Cleanup

Additional Details for Slalom@Slemon Event:

This year, the Canadian Autoslalom Championships is being held at our signature event, Slalom@Slemon! This will be THE EVENT of the year! Competitors from across Canada will be at Slemon to see who will be crowned the Canadian Autoslalom Champion. Visit the event’s website for more information:


Location: Slemon Park Airport, Prince Edward Island

Entry Fee: $160/competitor before July 8 ($180 after that date). This includes a welcome party on Friday, entry to Saturday and Sunday events, T-shirt, and meal on Saturday evening. T&T entry fee is $20 and can be purchased the day of the event.