MMSC Club Rallycross #1 @ Rallye Motors Nissan: January 31, 2016

Time for some fun in the snow!  MMSC will be holding a rallycross event on Sunday, January 31st at Rallye Motors Nissan.  Pre-registration is available here:  As this is the first event of the year, ensure you have a current membership.  You can renew your membership on-site or online here:  Details:

MMSC Club Rallycross #1: Sunday, January 31st, 2016

Location: Rallye Motors Nissan
Price: $20/entry

07:00-10:00 Course Setup
10:00-11:00 Registration
12:00 Driver’s Meeting
12:15 First Car on Course
17:00 End of Event & Clean-Up

All Wheel / 4 Wheel Drive
Front Wheel Drive
Rear Wheel Drive

* “Normal” #13 or #15 studded snow tires are allowed in all classes. No other types of studded tires are allowed with approval by the organizer.
** includes Rally and Race prepared vehicles.