May Club Meeting

The May general meeting for the Moncton Motor Sport Club will be held on Tuesday, May 4th at 8:00pm. This meeting will be held online via Google Meet. Link:

This meeting is open to all members of MMSC and interested motorsport enthusiasts.

Autoslalom Results – 2021/05/02

Moncton Motor Sport Club – #1 – MMSC Spring Series Event #1 – Sun 05-02-2021
Final Results
Total Registered: 27, with Times: 26
Pos.Class#DriverCar ModelCar ColorRun 1..Run 2..Run 3..Total
1Ts1cs29Matthew S2009 Mazda RX-846.345+146.50345.980+345.613
2Ts1hs52Nick T2010 Honda Civic SIBlue48.926+148.05647.54646.733
3Ts1cs12Mike P2009 Mazda RX-850.634+148.703+147.222+147.032
4Ts1gs5Ming-Duc W2002 Toyota Celica GTRed50.556+148.97647.88847.887
5Ts1gs48Shawn G2013 Ford Focus STBlack999.999+off48.83348.78248.724
6s1hs18Keith S2016 Hyundia Veloster Turbo53.85951.34850.40750.093
7s1ds11Chris W@009 Chev Cobalt SS53.32951.26250.45250.452
8s1ds22Terry R@009 Chev Cobalt SS999.999+off57.52555.86554.811
9s1es91Rob P2002 Mazda Miata999.999+off999.999+off61.31056.305
10s1ds46Lewis H2021 Hyundai Veloster N999.999+off59.20456.46356.463
11s1hs1Eric B2007 Honda Civic SIBlue999.999+off999.999+off57.347+157.102
12s1hs15Darrell T2010 Honda Civic SIBlue999.999+off60.09162.84859.036
13s1hs77Adam L2019 Toyota Corolla66.98663.615+159.25759.257
14s1es16Melanie L2002 Mazda Miata999.999+off999.999+off999.999+off74.420
1Ts2stu30Andre L2013 Subaru STi47.95446.776+146.594+146.440
2Ts2stu130Tom H2013 Subaru STI47.956+346.76945.693+146.769
3s2stu43Logan C2019 Mercedes C43 AMG50.41150.36048.70747.756
4s2str21Zachary K2001 Mazda Miata54.39153.25752.675+152.432
5s2stx97Eric H2013 Subaru BRZ54.646999.999+off53.24653.246
1Ts3xs-a37Josh J2000 Honda S2000Black45.503+244.968+144.75544.522
2Ts3xs-b21Andrew G2016 Subaru BRZ48.913+145.96944.83244.832
3Ts3xs-b11Stephen W2015 Subaru BRZ48.62446.54446.051+345.936
4s3ssm69Nick F1992 Eagle Talon48.098+147.53147.84347.268
5s3csp90Joshua A1990 Nissan Pulsar GTiR999.999+off53.194999.999+off51.248
6s3sm11Henning M1992 Mazda RX754.62752.09752.601+152.097
7s3ssm96Morgan C2009 BMW 135i60.14054.70954.64554.250
8s3dsp27Nathan S2013 Subaru BRZdns
Top Times Of DayTimeClass#Driver
Raw time44.522s3xs-a37Josh J
Pax36.545s1hs52Nick T

2021 MMSC Autoslalom Series

Barring a cancellation, MMSC is planning to hold a full 12 event Autoslalom Series in 2021:

  • #1: Sunday, May 2 (Moncton Coliseum)
  • #2: Sunday, May 16 (Moncton Coliseum)
  • #3: Sunday, May 30 (Moncton Coliseum)
  • #4: Sunday, June 13 Wednesday, June 9 (Moncton Coliseum)
  • #5: Wednesday, June 23 (Moncton Coliseum)
  • #6: Sunday, July 11 (Moncton Coliseum)
  • T&T: Friday, July 30 (Slemon Park)
  • #7: Saturday, July 31 (Slemon Park)
  • #8: Sunday, August 1 (Slemon Park)
  • #9: Sunday, August 15 (Moncton Coliseum)
  • #10: Sunday, August 29 (Moncton Coliseum)
  • #11: Sunday, September 12 (Moncton Coliseum)
  • #12: Sunday, September 26 (Moncton Coliseum)

Of the 12 scheduled points events, 10 count towards the 2021 MMSC Autoslalom Championships. The lowest 2 events will be dropped. All events will be held under CNSR General Competition Rules and Autoslalom Regulations. Documents can be found here:

Event Officials:
Organizer: Ming Wong / Graham McCrea
Registrar: Darrell Tower / Shawn Gayton
Timing and Scoring: Ray Bastille / Ming Wong
Scrutineer: Josh Johnson / Dave Armstrong

Additional Details for Events at the Moncton Coliseum:

Location: Moncton Coliseum

Entry Fee: $40/competitor. Competitors must be an active member of an affiliated club.

Registration: Register online at

Sunday Schedule:
8:00am – Setup
10:15am – Registration Opens
10:30am – Newbie Driver’s Meeting
10:45am – Newbie Course Walk
11:00am – Tech Opens
12:30pm – Driver’s Meeting
1:00pm – First Car on Course
4:00pm – End of Runs/Cleanup

Wednesday Schedule:
3:00pm – Setup
5:00pm – Registration/Tech Opens
5:10am – Newbie Driver’s Meeting
5:25am – Newbie Course Walk
6:00pm – Driver’s Meeting
6:30pm – First Car on Course
9:00pm – End of Runs/Cleanup

Additional Details for Slalom@Slemon Event:

Location: Slemon Park Airport, Prince Edward Island

Entry Fee: $140/competitor before July 9 ($160 after that date). This includes entry to Saturday and Sunday events, T-shirt, and meal on Saturday evening*. T&T entry fee is $15 and can be purchased the day of the event.

Registration: Registration information is available at

Supplementary Regulations
Entry List

Autoslalom Procedures and Guidelines During Provincial State of Emergency and Restrictions

  • A copy of these procedures and guidelines will be available on hand for easy reference.
  • All published procedures and guidelines will be communicated prior and during the event.
  • Staff and participants are encouraged to provide their own supplies. Supplies such as hand sanitizer, disposable face masks, cleaners/disinfectants, and waste receptacles should be available to event staff and participants.
  • All competitors must pre-register online. At the discretion of the Organizer, online registration may be available during the event.
  • Acceptable means of remote or touch-less payment should be allowed. The payments methods should be defined in the Supplementary Regulations. The Organizer shall provide full and flexible refunds for cancellations so participants who feel unwell do not feel obligated to attend.
  • Everyone at the event must sign a waiver. It must be witnessed in person at the event. Hands should be sanitized before and after signing.
  • The number of participants (including all staff, competitors, crew), shall not exceed the maximum number allowed by Provincial regulations.
  • 2 metres distance will be observed by everyone at all times unless they are part of the family and friends bubble as defined by current Provincial regulations. This applies to competitors sharing a vehicle, crew members, and passengers.
  • A maximum of two (2) crew members per competitor is allowed.
  • Spectators are not permitted in the event area. Spectators should be directed to view outside the designated event area.
  • Only essential and on-duty workers are allowed in specialty work areas, e.g. timing and scoring.
  • The organizer may opt for a course drive instead of course walks.
  • Worker stations will be limited to 2 workers per station.
  • Face masks are required. They must be worn at all times. Exception when a competitor is in their vehicle; they may need to be removed to pull on required protective equipment such as helmets.
  • Gloves are not mandatory, however participants are encouraged to bring their own and wear them to discourage the touching of eyes, mouth, nose. Hands should be sanitized whenever they are removed.
  • Vehicles will paddock with additional space between them, at least 2 meters apart.
  • Clean/disinfect frequently touched surfaces when used and during worker shift changes (e.g. tables, pens, keyboards, radios).
  • There will be hand washing or hand sanitizer station(s) at the event site.
  • Sharing of equipment such as helmets are not permitted.
  • There will be a designated Safety Monitor official. The Safety Monitor should ensure that all safety procedures are being followed.
  • Scrutineering will be performed by the competitor with oversight by the Scrutineer.
  • Tech workers should wear nitrile glove and sanitize hands to avoid cross-contamination from handling gear or equipment.
  • Any participant who begins to feel unwell shall immediately remove themselves from the site and seek appropriate treatment. In such a case, a competitor is entitled to a full refund.
  • If any participant fails to abide by safety procedures, they may be excluded from the event at any time and asked to leave the event site immediately.
  • The Organizer reserves the right to obtain information at any time during the event from participants regarding their health status and take appropriate steps. The Organizer reserves the right to provide information to Public Health Authorities if and when a duly authorized or lawful request is made.

March Meeting

The March general meeting for the Moncton Motor Sport Club will be held on Wednesday, March 3rd at 8:30pm. This meeting will be held online via Google Meet. Link:

This meeting is open to all members of MMSC and interested motorsport enthusiasts.

February Meeting

Due to the weather, the February general meeting for the Moncton Motor Sport Club will be held on Wednesday, February 3rd at 8:30pm. This meeting will be held online via Google Meet. Link:

This meeting is open to all members of MMSC and interested motorsport enthusiasts.

January Club Meeting

Happy New Year everyone! The January general meeting for the Moncton Motor Sport Club will be held on Tuesday, January 5th at 8:30pm. This meeting will be held online via Google Meet. Link:

This meeting is open to all members of MMSC and interested motorsport enthusiasts.

Annual General Meeting: November 3, 2020

The Moncton Motor Sport Club will be holding its Annual General Meeting on November 3rd, 2020. The meeting will be held online on Google Meet starting at 8:00pm. Link to the meeting:

A quarum is required so please make every effort to attend the meeting.  If you are not able to attend please send your proxy with someone that will be attending or to the club President.  If you have anything you would like added to the agenda or any questions, please contact President Mike McCea.

MMSC Competition Meeting: October 20, 2020

Every year in October after the competition season is done, MMSC holds a Competition meeting.  The purpose is to review the past year and make our plans for next year. What went well? What went wrong? Should we make changes for next year? Due to COVID-19, this meeting will be held online only.  Link to Google Meet:

Meeting will start at 8:30pm.  See you there!

Autoslalom Results – 2020/09/27

Moncton Motor Sport Club – #8 – MMSC Fall Club Solo – Sat 09-26-2020
Final Results
Total Registered: 20, with Times: 20
Pos. Class # Driver Car Model Run 1.. Run 2.. Run 3.. Total
1T s1ds 99 Kevin S 2013 Scion FRS 61.180 60.437+1 59.138 58.966
59.695 58.803+1 58.528+1 [-]0.443
2T s1cs 29 Matthew S 2009 Mazda RX-8 62.057+1 60.469 60.085 59.409
60.316+1 59.584 69.508+3 +0.443
3T s1ds 52 Nick T 2013 Scion FRS 63.076 62.269 62.028+1 61.101
61.868 61.101 60.771+1 +1.692
4T s1gs 48 Shawn G 2013 Ford Focus ST 65.194 63.581 62.770 61.968
62.390 62.514 63.346+2 +0.867
5 s1gs 5 Ming-Duc W 2002 Toyota Celica GT 65.018 63.769 63.722 62.281
62.561 62.339 63.227 +0.313
6 s1cs 129 Andre L 2009 Mazda RX-8 66.711 64.195 63.584 62.604
63.270+ 63.305+1 62.604 +0.323
7 s1ds 27 Thomas F 2018 VW Golf R 67.416 999.999+off 67.660 64.592
67.849 66.051 64.592 +1.988
8 s1hs 16 Keith S 2016 Hyundia Veloster Turbo 69.263 68.009 67.023 65.495
67.112 66.112 66.948 +0.903
9 s1gs 97 Eric H 2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe 68.154 66.704 999.999+off 65.903
65.903 66.939+2 66.741 +0.408
10 s1ds 14 Rejean L 2012 VW Golf 66.402+1 66.529 66.714+1 66.529
11 s1es 8 Dave A 2000 Mazda Miata 72.882 72.897 70.319 66.667
69.760 68.910+1 69.043 +0.138
1T s2str 81 Ray B 2002 Honda S2000 68.300 67.872 66.337 65.440
66.467+1 65.440 65.899+1 [-]11.184
2 s2sts 87 Mike D 2008 Smart fortwo 999.999+off 999.999+off 124.168 76.624
77.807 999.999+off 76.624 +11.184
1T s3asp 12 Mike P 1993 Mazda RX7 61.838 59.013 58.507 57.501
66.966 57.363+1 57.501 [-]0.170
2T s3ssm 37 Josh J 2000 Honda S2000 65.580 65.761 58.441 57.671
58.047 57.801+1 57.671 +0.170
3 s3esp 1 Graham M 2005 Ford Mustang GT 64.472 63.862 71.497+1 61.892
61.896 61.892 61.959+1 +4.221
4 s3sm 69 Nick F 1992 Eagle Talon 65.602 63.541 62.619 62.477
62.579 62.537 62.477 +0.585
5 s3ssm 96 Morgan C 2009 BMW 135i 79.358+3 72.761 71.680+1 69.905
70.863 71.972 69.905 +7.428
6 s3sm 25 Dan J 2009 BMW M3 75.666 71.883+1 72.218 70.684
71.669 70.684 70.401+2 +0.779
1T s4dm 18 Scott S 2006 LoCost 7 67.641 56.640 56.059 55.694
57.139 55.750 55.694