March Club Meeting

The March general meeting of the Moncton Motor Sport Club will be held Tuesday, March 7th at 8:00pm. The meeting will be held online via Google Meet.

Google Meet joining information:

Video call link:
Or dial: ‪(CA) +1 226-216-9801‬ PIN: ‪777 325 096‬#
More phone numbers:

The competition season is quickly approaching! Come and see what the club is planning for 2023! The meeting is open to all members of MMSC and interested motorsport enthusiasts.

Awards Dinner, March 11

Due to various circumstances, the MMSC Christmas Social which also
serves as the club’s awards ceremony, did not take place in December. 
We would like to hold a social event at Catch 22 Restaurant on Saturday,
March 11th.  Our reservations are for 6:30 and we will order from the
menu around  7:00.  You can find their menu online here:

You do not have to order food.  The Club has made arrangements with the
Restaurant so feel free to join us for a drink and some fun.  We will
try and hand out awards around 7:30PM so if you are expecting an award,
please come and collect it.

To help the Restaurant, please let us know,ASAP, if you plan on
attending  by replying to this email or contacting President Mike McCrea

Bring your best stories and hope to see you there!

January Club Meeting

Happy New Year! The January general meeting of the Moncton Motor Sport Club will be held Tuesday, January 3rd at 8:00pm. The meeting will be held online via Google Meet.

Google Meet joining information:

Video call link:
Or dial: ‪(CA) +1 226-216-9801‬ PIN: ‪777 325 096‬#
More phone numbers:

This is the first monthly meeting of 2023. The meeting is open to all members of MMSC and interested motorsport enthusiasts.

ARMS Annual General Meeting: November 11-13

The 2022 Annual General Meeting for Atlantic Region Motor Sports will be hosted by the Moncton Motor Sport Club on November 11-13, 2022 at the Four Points by Sheraton located at 40 Lady Ada Boulevard in Moncton, NB (

The overall agenda is as follows:

Friday, 11 November, 2022
6:00pm – 9:00pm Administration Workshop
9:00pm – 11:00pm Social (cash bar)
Saturday, 12 November, 2022
9:30am – 11:00am Rally Workshop
11:00am – 1:00pm Annual Awards Presentations
1:00pm – 2:30pm SoloSport Workshop
02:00pm Kart Workshop (to be held separately in Sackville, NS)
2:30pm – 5:00pm Race Workshop
Sunday, 13 November, 2022
09:00am – 12:00pm Annual General Meeting
12:00pm – 1:00pm Calendar Meeting

Club members and other interested persons are invited to attend in person. Access to the meetings will also be provided online. The Google Meet link to join the meetings is:
Video call link:
Or dial: (CA) +1 587-688-0035 PIN: 877 076 589#
More phone numbers:

Please contact each discipline director if you are planning to attend a workshop in person as there is space for a limited number of people permitted in the meeting room.

Race: James Whitman,
Autoslalom: Ming Wong,
Performance Solo: Alex Brunt,
Karting: Jeff Martin,
Rally: Clarke Paynter,

There will be no formal banquet. All awards will be presented at the Awards Presentation Ceremony to be held at 11am-1pm on Saturday. Sandwiches and snacks will be provided.

We encourage safe practices with respect to Covid. All attendees are encouraged to follow Public Health guidance for social distancing, mask use, and hygiene. If anyone has symptoms of Covid, please respect others safety and refrain from attending in person.

Link to AGM Booklet:

Hope to see you there!

Annual General Meeting: November 1, 2022

The Moncton Motor Sport Club will be holding its Annual General Meeting on November 1st, 2022. The meeting will be held online on Google Meet starting at 8:00pm. Link to the meeting:

A quarum is required so please make every effort to attend the meeting.  If you are not able to attend please send your proxy with someone that will be attending or to the club President.  If you have anything you would like added to the agenda or any questions, please contact President Mike McCea.

Autoslalom Results – 2022/10/16

Moncton Motor Sport Club – #2 – Sun 10-16-2022
Final Results
Total Registered: 21, with Times: 20
Pos.Class#DriverCar ModelCar ColorRun 1Run 2Run 3Run 4Run 5Run 6Run 7Run 8Total
1Ts1cs129Matthew S2009 Mazda RX-859.94359.44158.72857.45556.52956.065+155.398+455.03555.035 / 44.578
2Ts1cs29Chris M2009 Mazda RX-876.955+3999.999+off84.427+373.258+374.010+357.305+156.09355.019+156.093 / 45.435
3Ts1ds77Tom H2013 Scion FRS61.64661.588+261.167+162.694+660.78760.80459.139+157.78657.786 / 46.633
4Ts1gs48Shawn G2013 Ford Focus STBlack999.999+off61.883+162.05060.38862.000+160.44958.915+158.87058.870 / 46.742
5s1gs5Ming-Duc W2002 Toyota Celica GTRed62.01360.56960.84461.378+160.17461.70560.81360.55860.174 / 47.778
6s1ds53David C2021 Subaru WRX71.45262.815+262.95161.16862.49262.17762.71761.666+161.168 / 49.362
7s1ds239Christophe M2022 Subaru BRZ64.33169.060+162.740+163.38462.96763.45962.94661.32361.323 / 49.487
8s1es8Dave A2000 Mazda Miata69.28668.12666.48967.886+265.70364.11578.425+165.73164.115 / 50.779
9s1hs7Jordan S2017 Hyundai Elantra999.999+off69.44366.41164.96663.083+166.028+167.24565.130+164.966 / 51.063
10s1ds16Dominick O2022 Subaru BRZ71.19568.24466.93267.993+169.14768.21166.932 / 54.014
1Ts2stu30Andre L2013 Subaru STi999.999+off74.119+162.347+162.50662.020+262.26260.20260.48460.202 / 49.907
2s2sth73Mitchell D2015 Hyundai Veloster Turbo66.792+163.87563.02464.27664.47365.34565.053+164.768+163.024 / 51.175
1Ts3xs-b37Josh J2000 Honda S2000Black59.31458.65558.860+256.53053.63753.51553.902+153.12753.127 / 45.211
2Ts3xs-b11Stephen W2015 Subaru BRZ66.269+162.870+160.201+159.39957.785+156.541+155.44656.55655.446 / 47.184
3s3xs-b16Keith S2015 Subaru BRZ65.77563.13262.12958.40358.11658.396+257.95158.88957.951 / 49.316
4s3sm10Julien G1992 Toyota MR262.13160.70561.06258.669+257.958+258.01660.631+156.493+258.016 / 50.357
5s3sm69Nick F2009 BMW 135i999.999+off63.63660.85261.93160.36060.74359.43259.358+159.432 / 51.587
6s3sm96Morgan C2009 BMW 135i69.600+264.370+163.746+264.264+163.583+166.249+165.60562.393+265.583 / 56.926
1Ts4cm751Spencer H1970 Datsun 51063.570+163.30562.50658.373+154.86856.232+454.868 / 49.106
2s4cm75Glen H1970 Datsun 51062.66364.72259.71460.927+156.033166.011+dnf55.389+156.033 / 50.149
3s4am77Gabriel-Andre S2008 Subaru WRXdns / 0.000
Top Times Of DayTimeClass#Driver
Raw time53.127s3xs-b37Josh J
Pax44.578s1cs129Matthew S

MMSC Competition Meeting

Every year in October after the competition season is done, MMSC holds a Competition meeting. The purpose is to review the past year and make our plans for next year. What went well? What went wrong? Should we make changes for next year? This meeting will be held online via Google Meet:
Tuesday, October 18 · 8:30 – 10:30pm
Google Meet joining info
Video call link:
Or dial: ‪(CA) +1 226-216-9801‬ PIN: ‪777 325 096‬#
More phone numbers:

October Club Meeting

The October general meeting for the Moncton Motor Sport Club will be held on Tuesday, October 4th at 8:30pm. This meeting will be held online via Google Meet.

Google Meet joining info
Video call link:

This meeting is open to all members of MMSC and interested motorsport enthusiasts.

Autoslalom Results – 2022/09/25

Class#DriverCar ModelRun 1Run 2Run 3Run 4Run 5Run 6Run 7Run 8Run 9BestFactorAdjustedPoints
s1cs29Matthew S2009 Mazda RX-845.28644.459+143.78343.147+342.99043.40843.43443.65443.323+142.9900.81034.82220
s3xs-a28Steve P1995 BMW 318is44.03144.16242.99344.193+142.250+143.286+141.63841.60241.925+341.6020.84235.02917
s1ds177Tom H2013 Scion FRS45.47743.64443.53643.536+243.591+143.66144.098+143.84743.62043.5360.80735.13414
s1ds74Zack M2007 Mini Cooper S45.32345.620+144.90844.56243.88843.78543.92743.64345.334+143.6430.80735.22011
s3xs-b37Josh J2000 Honda S200043.63843.31341.78343.66941.72142.508+141.85942.31641.59141.5910.85135.3949
s2str77Scott M1999 BMW M344.45343.245O/C43.2450.82835.8077
s1gs5Ming-Duc W2002 Toyota Celica GT46.80746.05545.502+146.727+246.08550.68245.52845.50652.35545.5060.79436.1325
s1gs48Shawn G2013 Ford Focus ST54.489+146.49247.343+146.296+146.801+147.81546.67746.14545.575+146.1450.79436.6393
s2stu30Andre L2013 Subaru STi45.972+146.47846.03147.31345.21845.010+145.532+246.736+144.755+145.2180.82937.4862
s3sm69Nick F1992 Eagle Talon45.43344.714+143.92944.185+246.104+143.919+143.71543.41343.67943.4130.86837.6821
s1ds1Jesse M2020 Hyundai Veloster N49.613+150.78648.76047.28447.40847.233+146.970+147.21546.74846.7480.80737.7261
s1ds239Christophe M2022 Subaru BRZ49.743+148.87748.164+148.35348.699+146.94746.856+247.344+146.99746.9470.80737.8861
s1ds16Keith S2020 Hyundai Veloster N48.79548.77348.52847.33948.36648.142+147.16547.776+148.452+247.1650.80738.0621
s3sm10Julien G1992 Toyota MR247.295+146.10145.064+145.18244.29844.14744.007+244.544+845.94344.1470.86838.3201
s1ds53David C2021 Subaru WRX56.881+249.396+148.76348.214+247.81448.81348.07849.739+147.54647.5460.80738.3701
s4cm175Nick T1970 Datsun 51051.78848.63146.17147.31447.406+144.816+144.40544.19544.43244.1950.89539.5551
s4cm75Glen H1970 Datsun 51047.74645.61645.23844.46644.4660.89539.7971
s2sth73Mitchell D2015 Hyundai Veloster Turbo52.00852.428+150.53150.36251.837+151.20150.15749.92949.60249.6020.81240.2771
s2sts233Jingtian L2018 BMW 440108.29157.52656.38852.16651.21351.42450.69149.71149.86049.7110.81340.4151
s1hs15Darrell T2010 Honda Civic SI57.12055.46353.45656.18154.14753.52653.46352.12752.69352.1270.78640.9721
s3camt7Garnett F2005 Chevrolet Colorado61.96155.59554.251+152.638+252.55751.49951.59450.27250.372+250.2720.81641.0221
s1ds77Darla H2013 Scion FRS61.65354.120+354.68452.595+152.67151.50952.46451.551+151.00451.0040.80741.1601
s3sm96Morgan C1993 Mitsubishi Lancer GSR54.480+152.49253.071+152.291+252.148+251.492+249.904+149.47250.179+149.4720.86842.9421
s3csp87Jacques W2002 Toyota AltezzaO/C55.68354.70654.7060.86447.2661
s2sts1233Liu Z2018 BMW 440113.189113.1890.81392.0231
Class#DriverCar ModelRun 1Run 2Run 3Run 4Run 5Run 6Run 7Run 8Run 9BestFactorAdjustedPoints
s1cs29Matthew S2009 Mazda RX-845.28644.459+143.78343.147+342.99043.40843.43443.65443.323+142.9900.81034.82220
s1ds177Tom H2013 Scion FRS45.47743.64443.53643.536+243.591+143.66144.098+143.84743.62043.5360.80735.13417
s1ds74Zack M2007 Mini Cooper S45.32345.620+144.90844.56243.88843.78543.92743.64345.334+143.6430.80735.22014
s1gs5Ming-Duc W2002 Toyota Celica GT46.80746.05545.502+146.727+246.08550.68245.52845.50652.35545.5060.79436.13211
s1gs48Shawn G2013 Ford Focus ST54.489+146.49247.343+146.296+146.801+147.81546.67746.14545.575+146.1450.79436.6399
s1ds1Jesse M2020 Hyundai Veloster N49.613+150.78648.76047.28447.40847.233+146.970+147.21546.74846.7480.80737.7267
s1ds239Christophe M2022 Subaru BRZ49.743+148.87748.164+148.35348.699+146.94746.856+247.344+146.99746.9470.80737.8865
s1ds16Keith S2020 Hyundai Veloster N48.79548.77348.52847.33948.36648.142+147.16547.776+148.452+247.1650.80738.0623
s1ds53David C2021 Subaru WRX56.881+249.396+148.76348.214+247.81448.81348.07849.739+147.54647.5460.80738.3702
s1hs15Darrell T2010 Honda Civic SI57.12055.46353.45656.18154.14753.52653.46352.12752.69352.1270.78640.9721
s1ds77Darla H2013 Scion FRS61.65354.120+354.68452.595+152.67151.50952.46451.551+151.00451.0040.80741.1601
Class#DriverCar ModelRun 1Run 2Run 3Run 4Run 5Run 6Run 7Run 8Run 9BestFactorAdjustedPoints
s2str77Scott M1999 BMW M344.45343.245O/C43.2450.82835.80720
s2stu30Andre L2013 Subaru STi45.972+146.47846.03147.31345.21845.010+145.532+246.736+144.755+145.2180.82937.48617
s2sth73Mitchell D2015 Hyundai Veloster Turbo52.00852.428+150.53150.36251.837+151.20150.15749.92949.60249.6020.81240.27714
s2sts233Jingtian L2018 BMW 440108.29157.52656.38852.16651.21351.42450.69149.71149.86049.7110.81340.41511
s2sts1233Liu Z2018 BMW 440113.189113.1890.81392.0239
Class#DriverCar ModelRun 1Run 2Run 3Run 4Run 5Run 6Run 7Run 8Run 9BestFactorAdjustedPoints
s3xs-a28Steve P1995 BMW 318is44.03144.16242.99344.193+142.250+143.286+141.63841.60241.925+341.6020.84235.02920
s3xs-b37Josh J2000 Honda S200043.63843.31341.78343.66941.72142.508+141.85942.31641.59141.5910.85135.39417
s3sm69Nick F1992 Eagle Talon45.43344.714+143.92944.185+246.104+143.919+143.71543.41343.67943.4130.86837.68214
s3sm10Julien G1992 Toyota MR247.295+146.10145.064+145.18244.29844.14744.007+244.544+845.94344.1470.86838.32011
s3camt7Garnett F2005 Chevrolet Colorado61.96155.59554.251+152.638+252.55751.49951.59450.27250.372+250.2720.81641.0229
s3sm96Morgan C1993 Mitsubishi Lancer GSR54.480+152.49253.071+152.291+252.148+251.492+249.904+149.47250.179+149.4720.86842.9427
s3csp87Jacques W2002 Toyota AltezzaO/C55.68354.70654.7060.86447.2665
Class#DriverCar ModelRun 1Run 2Run 3Run 4Run 5Run 6Run 7Run 8Run 9BestFactorAdjustedPoints
s4cm175Nick T1970 Datsun 51051.78848.63146.17147.31447.406+144.816+144.40544.19544.43244.1950.89539.55517
s4cm75Glen H1970 Datsun 51047.74645.61645.23844.46644.4660.89539.79714

Autoslalom Results – 2022/09/04

Moncton Motor Sport Club – #10 – Sun 09-04-2022
Final Results
Total Registered: 29, with Times: 27
Pos.Class#DriverCar ModelCar ColorRun 1Run 2Run 3Run 4Run 5Run 6Run 7Total
1Ts1cs29Matthew S2009 Mazda RX-843.629+143.33643.59642.27742.76243.12543.169+142.277 / 34.244
2Ts1ds77Tom H2013 Scion FRS44.02443.78043.37043.19942.417+146.455+443.37443.199 / 34.861
3Ts1cs129Nick T2009 Mazda RX-844.907+144.65344.654+143.81943.38843.80843.40643.388 / 35.144
4Ts1ds177Kevin S2013 Scion FRS44.163+243.499+143.77142.245+143.79843.55343.062+143.553 / 35.147
5Ts1ds74Zack M2007 Mini Cooper S44.046+244.98144.39944.57843.55644.015+143.559+143.556 / 35.149
6Ts1gs5Ming-Duc W2002 Toyota Celica GTRed46.49745.82945.24356.45544.41345.87144.413 / 35.263
7s1gs48Shawn G2013 Ford Focus STBlack47.05744.786+144.87944.59545.83844.76144.41644.416 / 35.266
8s1ds174Ryan D2007 Mini Cooper48.369+246.92946.62947.38746.63445.34646.37145.346 / 36.594
9s1hs16Keith S2016 Hyundia Veloster Turbo47.87046.76846.230+145.92245.72845.90145.56145.561 / 35.810
10s1ds239Christophe M2022 Subaru BRZ49.696+348.57147.156+146.62447.330+147.511+147.62446.624 / 37.625
11s1es81Ray B2000 Mazda Miata47.893+247.78447.174+146.63647.004+146.083+246.96446.636 / 36.935
12s1hs94Jordan B2017 Hyundai Elantra Sport51.84149.14748.32161.271+149.136+148.83948.06648.066 / 37.779
13s1hs93Justin R2015 Chrysler 200S50.73049.384+249.12448.907+148.916+148.442+148.32448.324 / 37.982
14s1ds777Thomas M2020 Hyundai Veloster N999.999+off70.70549.22649.36551.09749.34350.01249.226 / 39.725
15s1hs15Darrell T2010 Honda Civic SIBlue54.53752.81651.75053.71449.75153.263+250.58749.751 / 39.104
16s1es8Dave A2000 Mazda Miata50.730+151.084+149.90049.79150.44751.23749.95249.791 / 39.434
17s1hs1Brennan C2014 Hyundai Elantra999.999+off53.25352.39951.12051.20450.88050.62550.625 / 39.791
18s1gs3Jason C2016 Hyundai Veloster56.53455.234+153.756+152.02351.852+152.248+150.963+152.023 / 41.306
19s1hs4Jacob M2020 VW Jettadns / 0.000
1Ts2str11Noah M1995 Mazda Miats48.37646.28344.91345.66945.14344.33243.93143.931 / 36.374
2s2sth53David C2021 Subaru WRX47.01647.38247.55947.838+147.228+147.14846.624+247.016 / 38.177
3s2stx18Chris P2017 Toyota 8650.33247.621+147.66150.363+147.05547.65046.747+147.055 / 38.443
1Ts3xs-b37Josh J2000 Honda S2000Black52.71440.996+141.42340.65740.75940.72341.08840.657 / 34.599
2Ts3xs-b11Stephen W2015 Subaru BRZ46.52043.828+143.14242.268+342.14442.710+243.667+242.144 / 35.864
3s3xs-b111Trung D2015 Subaru BRZ44.849+442.895+542.382+343.161+343.17042.72143.013+342.721 / 36.355
4s3sm69Nick F1993 Mitsubishi Lancer GSR45.632+145.71146.05345.91245.56346.34145.563 / 39.548
5s3smf26Warren B2021 VW GTIdns / 0.000
1Ts4dm8Kier P2006 LoCost 7Yellow43.029+241.765+140.742+141.39840.24840.36439.601+140.248 / 36.142
2s4dm118Scott S2006 LoCost 7Yellow41.495+241.86241.174+141.10741.75340.58640.50340.503 / 36.371
Top Times Of DayTimeClass#Driver
Raw time40.248s4dm8Kier P
Pax34.244s1cs29Matthew S