Awards Dinner, March 11

Due to various circumstances, the MMSC Christmas Social which also
serves as the club’s awards ceremony, did not take place in December. 
We would like to hold a social event at Catch 22 Restaurant on Saturday,
March 11th.  Our reservations are for 6:30 and we will order from the
menu around  7:00.  You can find their menu online here:

You do not have to order food.  The Club has made arrangements with the
Restaurant so feel free to join us for a drink and some fun.  We will
try and hand out awards around 7:30PM so if you are expecting an award,
please come and collect it.

To help the Restaurant, please let us know,ASAP, if you plan on
attending  by replying to this email or contacting President Mike McCrea

Bring your best stories and hope to see you there!